AGM Update 15 November 2021

We are pleased to announce the results of this year’s AGM. This update shows the results of voting and the makeup of the new Committee.

I would also like to highlight a couple of things about this AGM. The first is the arrangements we put in place this year, with voting during October, then a brief face to face meeting with the opportunity for questions and comments, followed by a Committee meeting at which we ratify the votes cast. Electronic (or postal) voting in advance is very efficient, and the face to face opportunity ensures that your Committee is accountable at a public meeting. Having a delay after the face to face meeting means we can ensure that nobody has voted more than once and that only paid-up members have voted. Ongoing concerns about Covid suggest this is likely to be the arrangement for our AGM for the foreseeable future.

The second thing to highlight is the Code of Practice which is now in place. This provides us with a clear framework for organising future AGMs, and for making other changes to the way we operate, without having to change our constitution. Presenting it for voting at this year’s AGM is part of a transparent, democratic and accountable process. The Code of Practice also contains clauses on avoiding any possible conflict of interest and using gender-neutral language, so Linda and I are now officially vice chair and chair, rather than vice chairman and chairman.

Finally, as you can see below, we are absolutely delighted that our call for more volunteers to join our Committee has been so successful. We look forward to the input of ideas and energy from our new members.

Stuart Naylor

Chair, Sandbach & District u3a

Combined outcome of the 2021 AGM Voting Form

All votes were passed by a large majority.

We now have a full committee and welcome Kate Ashcroft, Janet Davis (Co-opted by the Committee on 15.11.2021), Sharon Ginnis, Jenny Haines and Linda Williams to the committee:

      • Stuart Naylor – Chair
      • Linda Bilsborrow – Vice Chair
      • Richard Thorne – Treasurer
      • Sue Jones – Secretary
      • Barrie Hacking – Membership (Supported by member Wendy Spreadbury)
      • Paula Reilly-Cooper – Groups Co-ordinator
      • Linda Williams  – Groups Co-ordinator Support
      • Alan Casey – IT Systems
      • Sharon Ginnis – IT Systems Support
      • Alice Holmes – Social Events Organiser
      • Kate Ashcroft – Member Events Organiser
      • Janet Davis – Venue Co-ordinator
      • Jenny Haines – General member

Richard Thorne was co-opted to the committee as Treasurer for a further twelve months.

The approved Sandbach u3a Code of Practice will be available on our website shortly.

Two questions were raised by members:

Q: Why are the members’ meetings always have on a Monday?  Would it not be possible to vary the day each month?

A: The timetable for the members’ meetings is dictated by Town Hall and Member availability but with a new Events Officer this is something that can be reviewed, if there is the demand.

Q: Would like to see groups in venues be self funding

A: As previously announced a working party will begin work in the New Year to review both fees and the fee structure.

No further issues were raised. Committee members are very grateful to members who took the opportunity to express their thanks and/or enjoyment of their membership of our u3a on their voting form.

Look out for our regular update, including this month’s quiz, later this week.

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