Committee Meeting Minutes

Committee meeting minutes are published here after they have been approved at the subsequent meeting. Click the “Minutes” link against the relevant month in the table below to download a copy of that month’s minutes.


Jan 2024Minutes


Dec 2023Minutes
Nov 2023Minutes
Oct 2023Minutes
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Aug 2023Minutes
Jul 2023Minutes
Jun 2023Minutes
May 2023Minutes
Apr 2023Minutes
Mar 2023Minutes
Feb 2023Minutes
Jan 2023Minutes


Dec 2022Minutes
Nov 2022Minutes
Oct 2022Minutes
Sep 2022No Meeting
Aug 2022Minutes
Jul 2022Minutes
Jun 2022Minutes
May 2022Minutes
Apr 2022Minutes
Mar 2022Minutes
Feb 2022Minutes
Jan 2022Minutes


Dec 2021Minutes
Nov 2021Minutes
Oct 2021Minutes
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Jun 2021Minutes
May 2021Minutes
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Jan 2021Minutes