General Knowledge Quiz November 2021

1. Upper Volta is the former name of which present day country?  
2. In Classical Mythology who is the Roman God of Wine?  
3. What name is given to flexible armour made from a series of metal rings linked together to form a mesh?
4. What name is given to a male horse or pony under the age of four years?
5. ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ was written by which Poet in 1854?  
6. What name is given to a person who prepares, stuffs & mounts animal skins to give them a lifelike appearance?
7. CASUAL JURIES is an anagram of the name of which play by William Shakespeare?
8. ‘The Ascot Gavotte’ and ‘On the Street Where You Live’, are songs from which Film & Stage Musical?
9. Who captained the European Team in the 2021 Ryder Cup Golf Tournament?
10. Who is the only person to have been a judge on both of the TV Shows, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ & ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?
11. Which successful British Cyclist & Olympic Gold Medallist is nicknamed ‘The Manx Missile’?
12. The Father of DJ & TV Presenter Roman Kemp was a member of which 1980’s Pop Band?
13. In the last Government Reshuffle, which Conservative MP replaced Dominic Raab as Foreign Secretary?
14. ‘Pennies from Heaven’, ‘Brimstone & Treacle’ and ‘The Singing Detective’ were all written by which British Playwright?
15. An elver is the young of which creature?  
16. Which Actor played the characters, Captain Peacock in ‘Are you being Served?’ and Herbert Truelove in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’?
17. Chesil Beach, Lulworth Cove and the natural limestone arch, Durdle Door, are all located in which County of the UK?
18. Richard I (The Lionheart) was the brother of which English Monarch who succeeded him to the throne in 1199?
19. A ream of paper contains how many sheets?  
20. Uriah Heap is a character in which novel by Charles Dickens?  



Thought for the day:

Middle Age is when you go to bed at night and hope you feel better in the morning. Old Age is when you go to bed at night and hope you wake up in the morning. (Groucho Marx)