How to Post On This Website

All sorts of documents, reports or articles can be posted within the pages of this website for the interest and enjoyment of others.

Group Leaders can make specific course material and programmes accessible to their group members.   Also archives of our activities, field trips and achievements can be posted.

Highlights of our social events, trips and holidays, together with photographs can be included for everyone to enjoy.

You can do it yourself

Our “WordPress” website is designed to allow people with basic computer skills to input the material and post it themselves, using a simple on-line editor.

So why not have a go yourself?

There are built-in safeguards to prevent you making mistakes.

The system is intuitive and easy to follow, and we have prepared a WordPress reference guide to help, this is shown below.

So please have a look, it will give you an idea of what’s involved.

There is also a list of post categories which determine where items appear on the website, some of you may need these, so they are available here: List of Post Categories

Alternatively, we can do it for you

Whilst we want to encourage everyone to post items themselves, we appreciate some of you may not feel so confident in doing this.   So, if you have already prepared something e.g. written text or you have photographs to share, please contact:

Webmaster (

Who will be happy to give you advice to enable you to post yourself or publish the material for you.

WordPress Reference Guide

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”WordPress Instructions – Simple 2″]