How to Login & Update Your Personal Details


UsernameIf you do not know your username, you can contact the Membership Secretary ( who will be pleased to advise you. Alternatively, you can use your membership number as your username, this works just as well
Create PasswordTo obtain a password, click on Forgot Password on the login page and type your username (or membership number) in the box, then Reset Password. You will soon receive an email with a link to create a password. Just follow the instructions. Your password needs to be at least 8 letters or characters long
Login LinksYou will find links to the login page in the three places where you may need to login. These are at the top of the Groups list page, at the top of the Social Events Programme page and on the My Account page
Site AccessOnce logged in you will have access to all the features only available to logged in members in all areas of the website. E.g.:
– View and edit your personal details
– View & book social events
– Join groups and group events
– View emails you have sent or received using our system
– View your payments and receipts
– View the events you are booked on and those where you are on the waiting list
– View your groups, and those where you are on the waiting list
LogoutYou will be automatically logged out after about 1 hour, but you can log back in straight away if you wish.
Unless you are using a device that others may also use, it is not essential that you logout but logout links are provided in various places including in all the green “You are Logged-In” banners.

How to Update Your Personal Details

1 – Go to our website

2 – Hover your mouse over (or select) Membership in the main menu

3 – Select Edit Your Personal Details under the My Account heading

4 – Click the Click Here to Login link this takes you to the Login page

5 – Enter your username and password (See the notes below if you do not have either of these)

6 – Click Log In

7 – This returns you to the My Account page which will now show a green banner confirming that you are logged in

8 – Click the link below the green banner: My Profile (Personal Details, Emails, Payments & Receipts, Groups & Events)

9 – This takes you to the My Profile page where you can check and edit your information and add your emergency contact details