Update 31 March 2023

Members Meeting Monday 3rd April

I have been approached by several members to request a talk from The Sandbach Tunnel Network. They are a group who are determined to unlock the secrets that lie directly underneath our feet in the town of Sandbach. The group have put together a presentation for us. The presentation starts at 10.30 and lasts for about an hour. The town hall opens at 10.00 for tea/coffee and a chat.
Anyone who hasn’t attended one of our previous meetings, please make this known at the door of the ballroom and one of our meet and greet team will introduce you to other members of Sandbach U3A.
Please also note that there will be no members meeting in May due to the extra bank holiday and the closure of the Town Hall. We then break for the summer until September.
Looking forward to seeing you next Monday.




Sandbach u3a Photo Collection

Thanks to those members who have already been in touch!
We are hoping to build a collection of photos that show the breadth of activities in our busy u3a. If  have photos taken at one of your groups that you think we could use please contact mailing@sandbachu3a.org.uk.

Groups News

There are vacancies in the following groups:

If you are a group leader and would like to see your vacancies listed here please contact mailing@sandbachu3a.org.uk

Did you know …

That this is a good time of year to review groups for vacancies? If the group you wanted to join in September was full now is a good time to look again as those early enthusiasm’s wane or life has different plans and people can’t attend a group they signed up for. Go to https://u3a.simplemembership.co.uk/Sandbach/groups to see which of our groups have spaces at the moment.

Talking Travel

“Galápagos Islands” Our speaker will be Brian Weld






Entrance fee £1.20p – Includes refreshments.  Talk begins at 2pm until 4pm, We recommend you arrive early. Sandbach Library – Doors open 1.45pm
We hope to see you there.

Go to https://u3a.simplemembership.co.uk/Sandbach/Groups/talking-travel to find out more about our Talking Travel Group

National News

Share your family memories of WW2

You are invited to take part in ‘Their Finest Hour’, a Heritage Lottery-funded nationwide campaign organised by the University of Oxford to collect and preserve the everyday stories and objects of the Second World War.

As these personal stories are fast fading from living memory, it is vital to preserve them and the wartime objects that often accompany them. As well as artefacts from the front, there are the experiences of those at home, including women and children.

How can you help?

    • Subscribe to a national email group where u3a members can share views, air your Q&As with ‘Their Finest Hour’, and generally keep in the loop at https://forms.office.com/e/ctt2eu6v2c
    • Attend the u3a Online Learning Event, date tbc.
    • Share this message in your u3a, on Facebook, and in your newsletters.
    • Go to a ‘Digital Collection Day’ to bring your stories or volunteer at it.
    • Run a collection in your activity group over several meetings.
    • Go online and upload your war-related stories and materials at


The Big Sing

U3aNorthWest held this event twice before Covid and it was very popular. It’s for anyone who likes to sing, whether or not they belong to a singing group.

Wednesday 10th May 2023, 10.15 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. at The Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool.

Led by Fredrik Holm, from Lancaster and Morecambe u3a and the NW Regional Team. Cost for the event: £15.00 including refreshments. Please note, lunch is not provided. Send registration form available at www.u3asites.org.uk/north-west and cheque for £15 payable to ‘North West Region of U3As’ To G. Russell, 71 Barn Hey Crescent, Meols, Wirral CH47 9RW. If you prefer to pay by BACs please contact Gill for bank details. For more information contact Gill Russell: mob: 07710531876 gillruss71@gmail.com

And Finally – from Sherwood u3a

    • What did the princess say in the photo booth? Someday my Prints will come!
    • Why did the Chef lose the cooking competition? Because he ran out of Thyme!
    • How do celebrities stay cool? They have lots of fans!
    • Why did the vampire read the newspaper? He heard it had great circulation!
    • How can you identify a dogwood tree? From its bark!
    • What grades did the pirate get in his exams? Seven Cs!
    • How did the barber win the race? He knew a short cut!
    • Why did the burglar jump into the Shower? Because he wanted to make a clean getaway!
    • Why did the golfer change his trousers? Because he got a hole in one!
    • Why was the genie angry? Because he was rubbed up the wrong way!
    • Why wouldn’t the shrimp share his treasure? Because he was a little shellfish!
    • What do dentists call X rays? Tooth pics!
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