Interactive History Forum – Schedule of Discussions, 2014-15

Date Subject Topic Leader
15.09.14 King John – Royal Usurper Or A Victim Of Bad PR ? Mike Beck
06.10.14 The Cromwellian Commonwealth – Did It Enrich Or Damage England ? Mike Beck
20.10.14 The Vikings – More Than Just Pillagers ? Mike Beck
03.11.14 Who Really Won WW2 – Britain’s Post-War Recovery Crises Mike Beck
17.11.14 What If – Britain Had Won The American War Of Independence
01.12.14 Empire – Why Did We Build It And Why Did We Lose It ?
15.12.14 What If – The Dunkirk Evacuation Had Been Unsuccessful
05.01.15 The Romans – Did They Give Up On Britain ?
19.01.15 What If – The Black Death Had Avoided Britain
02.02.15 Was WW1 Inevitable For Britain ?
16.02.15 What If – The French Revolution Had Spilled Over Into Britain
02.03.15 Dark Age Newcomers – Saxon Domination Or The Founders Of The English ?
16.03.15 What If – The Industrial Revolution Had Occurred In Europe Rather Than Britain
06.04.15 The Plantagenates And Tudors – Consummate Politicians Or Just Self Obsessed Dynasties ?
20.04.15 What If – Harold Godwinson Had Won At Hastings
04.05.15 The Age Of Exploration – Adventurers, Privateers And Scientists
18.05.15 What If – Bonnie Prince Charlie Had Succeeded In Keeping Scotland Sovereign