Update 19th July 2021

Group News

Membership renewals

It was lovely to see so many members at our first renewal session. The next session is on  28 Jul 2021 from 9:30 to 11:30am at Sandbach Rugby Club, Bradwall Road, CW11 1RA.

Members of the Committee will be on hand to process your renewal, answer group membership enquiries and welcome new members. Refreshments are available from the Rugby Club.

emailing Group Leaders

It seems that some members’ email systems are replying to mailing@sandbach.u3a.org.uk which doesn’t actually go to the leader, even if their name seems to be attached to the email address!

If you are replying to a message from a Group Leader please check that you can see their personal email address in the To: line of the email

Reminder for Group Leaders

The end of our u3a financial year is August 31st. If you are currently collecting fees for your group can you make sure that they are all paid in by the end of August please.

Sandbach & District u3a is alive and well!

Walking Cricket Victory

Mick Jackson sent us this report:
On the 8th July 8 hardy warriors from the Sandbach u3a Walking Cricket Group ventured into hostile territory to meet the champions of Yorkshire; Barnsley U3A. It is fair to say that Barnsley did not play their best team but in the ensuing titanic battle, Sandbach emerged the victors.
After losing the toss we were put into bat and with contributions from all amassed 69 runs in the allotted 16 overs.
Given that Barnsley are the top Yorkshire team and had played many more matches than us, was this going to be enough?
Indeed it was, with some excellent bowling and fielding Barnsley were restricted to just 37 runs leaving us with a victory by 32 runs, quite an achievement for our first competitive match.
One hopes that this will inspire others to come and join us as Barnsley could pick from 55 registered players where as we were limited to the eight that travelled.
From left to right and in white the victors along with the Barnsley team and the two umpires.
Barrie, Val, Keith, Colin, Bernie, Ian, Mick, Rich. (Yes we do encourage ladies, Barnsley fielded three)
Barnsley will visit Sandbach as well as Wakefield so more action to come.

u3a 40th anniversary celebrations

To celebrate the u3a 40th anniversary in 2022, u3a are launching a u3a-wide Anniversary Quilt competition on the theme of Positive Ageing.

Jinty Pyke has already created an individual entry and writes:
My inspiration was that there is so much on offer within U3A that it is difficult to always juggle one’s diary to fit it all in! So I linked that to the fact that Sandbach & District U3A have a successful Circus Skills group which members find is great fun. I have used machine applique and hand embroidery on my block.

Local News

 Advice from Cheshire East re new Covid guidance from Monday 19 July.

 We are urging those living and working in Cheshire East to:

    • Be kind and considerate of others who may be feeling extremely nervous about the further lifting of restrictions
    • Continue wearing face coverings in crowded indoor areas where social distancing cannot be followed, such as supermarkets and on public transport, in health and social care settings, such as hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries, and where it would make others feel more comfortable
    • Continue social distancing by not unnecessarily being in crowded areas and continuing to work from home if possible
    • Continue to practice good hand hygiene, in particular hand washing
    • Keep getting tested – everyone should undertake twice weekly rapid symptom free testing using Lateral Flow Tests (LFT). If people experience generally associated symptoms such as a headache, a stuffed or runny nose, tiredness or weakness, aches and pains, sore throat or diarrhoea, they should take an LFT and follow up with a PCR test if the LFT test is positive.

Sandbach Neighbourhood Development Plan – Regulation 14 Consultation

 Sandbach Town Council invites representations on its Neighbourhood Development Plan (SNDP). This is a formal public consultation being run in accordance with Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The consultation commences on 21st. June,2021 and closes on 1st. August,2021. It covers the future for the whole Parish, Sandbach Town, Elworth, Wheelock, Sandbach Heath, Ettiley Heath.

To view the NDP and related documents – https://sandbach.gov.uk/sandbach-neighbourhood-development-plan-2021-review/

To make a comment, there is a response form on the website.

There is also to be a public consultation meeting in the Town Hall on Monday 26th July 2021 Time: 4.00pm to 8.00pm details – https://sandbach.gov.uk/sandbach-neighbourhood-development-plan-open-evening/

National News

Chess Network

We were provided with an incorrect web address with the information about the u3a national chess network that appeared in a recent Sandbach u3a Update. The correct web address is https://u3achessnetwork.org.uk/

A Reminder to Be Alert About Phishing and Other Scams

The Third Age Trust wants to share with you information about the latest scams. Below are two experiences from u3a members who contacted us to share with other u3as.

    • A u3a member got in touch with us to tell us she had received a phishing email supposedly from Norton, an anti virus software company, about payment to renew an account she does not have. It says that they will deduct over £220 unless she cancels within 48 hours. If you receive an email like this, from anyone, please don’t click on the links and please take independent advice before paying any unexpected requests for money.
    • Another u3a member got in touch to tell us about a company who had taken extra money out of her bank account without her knowledge. The company involved specialises in products aimed at older adults. She contacted the bank who stopped any further charges on the card from the company and gave advice on what to do next, eventually the company paid back the money.

For support, tips and advice please go to Barclays Digital Wings initiative.  You do not have to bank with Barclays – they have information on scams.  Follow the link below – sign up and when asked, your code is U3A (in capitals).

You can find them at this Barclays Digital Wings address.

On a Lighter Note

    • Students who study medieval history are living in the dark ages
    • I’ve lived a dream life or did I imagine it?
    • He had a photographic memory which was never developed.
    • The invention of the wheel was followed by a revolution.
    • Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?
    • Optimistic gardeners always look to the fuchsia
    • I have a split personality said Tom, being Frank.
    • I’ve been selling canoes just to keep afloat.
    • Kids eat their homework. Their teacher told them it was a piece of cake.
    • I changed my password to’ 14days’ but it was too weak.
    • I bought some harry Potter games. They were a quid each.
    • Pluto missed the solar system party because he didn’t planet right.

Courtesy of Wanstead and Woodford u3a

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