Update 17 October 2023

Quiz News


The October quiz from Julie Clarke has been loaded to the website and is ready for you to test your general knowledge. (Our quiz page lists all the quizzes that have been set previously.)

Face to Face

Quiz night – 8th November 2023 in St Mary’s Church Hall, Sandbach at 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m.  Details from Kevin Dean.

Member News

You are invited to our next members meeting at Sandbach Town Hall on  Monday 6th November. Please join us for tea/coffee and a biscuit from 9.45. The presentation starts at 10.30 and will end around 11.30.
Our guest speaker this month is Bill Durose with his presentation entitled Christmas Customs. Have you ever wondered why we do certain things at Christmas time? These will be explained along with traditional Christmas songs and novelty items.

Hope to see you there.
Kate Ashcroft, Members Events Organiser.

Choir notes

 Carol Concert

The U3A Choir is holding its annual Carol Concert on Thursday 14 December at 2pm in the Wesley Centre. We are expecting a surprise visit from another U3A Group to add a little variety.
All U3A members are invited come along and join us – it’s free, but there will be a donation box for new choir music.

See you there!

Choir Music

From time to time, members have to leave the Choir. If you are one of these members and you still have copies of our music, please could you return it so that all the new members can use it. Options for return are: give it to a current choir member, bring it to the Wesley Centre on a Thursday afternoon, post it in the U3A box in the library or contact the choir leader. Thank you.

Local News

Parking charges

A Sandbach u3a member has asked us to draw your attention to the proposed introduction of parking charges in Sandbach, which could affect members attending groups in the town. You can find more details here – https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/car-parks-and-parking/reviews_and_consultations/reviews_and_consultations.aspx

Hedgehog Stamp Appeal

Lesley Farrer says she was really pleased with the response to her appeal for stamps to support The British Hedgehog Preservation Society earlier this year. With Christmas not so far away, now seems like a good time to remind people that they can donate their used stamps.
If you would like to help with the collection, stamps could be left at a Members  morning, deposited within the u3a post box in the library or dropped through Lesley’s letter box at 7 Eaton Close in Sandbach.

Unused bra appeal

Sandbach Trefoil Guild are collecting unused bras for recycling working as part of a social action project. They are working with a charity called Against Breast Cancer who are researching ways to prevent secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer deaths.
The bras they receive are sorted and cleaned. Those beyond use are dismantled and the fabric, metal and plastic all recycled preventing them going to landfill and providing employment in the UK.
The usable bras are sent to small businesses in countries such as Togo, Kenya and Ghana and other countries around the world, to be sold at vastly reduced costs compared to those made locally. Most of these businesses are women’s’ cooperatives providing economic independence for women and supporting families.
So if you or any of your female friends and relatives have bras lurking in drawers, as they are too good to throw out and the charity shops can’t accept them, could you please bring them to either the Pilates or Yoga classes or pass them to Libby Mooney who can be contacted via Trefoil@girlguidingcheshireborder.org.uk

And finally …

Which building in Sandbach has the most stories? The library.
Comic Sans walks into a bar. The bartender says, “We don’t serve your type here.”
What’s the easiest way to get straight As? Use a ruler.
What’s a balloon’s least favourite type of music? Pop.
How does a farmer mend his overalls? With cabbage patches.
I got my husband a fridge for his birthday. His face lit up when he opened it.
Why were they called the Dark Ages? Because there were lots of knights.
How does NASA organize a party? They planet.
What did the big flower say to the little flower? “Hi bud!”
How did the hipster burn his mouth? He ate his pizza before it was cool.
Why is no one friends with Dracula? Because he’s a pain in the neck.

If you regularly read as far as our ‘And finally …’ slot, you may be aware that, after nearly three years, your editor is running out of fresh jokes. If you have any jokes to share do please send them to mailing@sandbachu3a.org.uk. Otherwise we may have to resort to knock knock jokes – you have been warned!!!

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