Update 13th December 2021

Covid-19: changes to regulations

I’m sure most of you will be aware of the new Covid regulations announced by the government last week. Although there was a lot of publicity, in reality not much has changed. The main change is that now you must wear a face covering in indoor venues such as shops, libraries and community centres. There are some exceptions to this requirement that are important for our u3a:

    • You don’t need to wear a face covering during exercise. This includes all of our fitness, exercise and dance groups.
    • You don’t need to wear a face covering when you are singing. This includes events such as choir rehearsals and carol concerts.
    • You don’t need to wear a face covering where the main activity is eating, drinking, exercising or dancing – for example at our u3a Christmas party on Friday 17th December.

Of course you may choose to wear a face covering even if this is not required.

The changes introduced last week are not a lockdown. You are not prevented from meeting indoors or socialising with others. As well as looking after our physical health, we do need to be aware of our mental health and make sure we are doing our best to stay connected with society. Early indications suggest that the Omicron Covid variant is more transmissible than any of the previous variants. However there is no evidence yet that it is more likely to cause serious disease, especially in people who have had two vaccinations and a booster jab.

Our policy has been consistent from the first lockdown in March 2020 and has not changed in the light of last week’s announcements. When government regulations allow it, the Trustees are committed to providing opportunities for members to meet in the usual ways. Members are then free to make their own decisions about whether to attend events, taking into account their own health, personal circumstances and preferences.

If you want more details about the latest government regulations they can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own

You can get the latest information from Cheshire East Council at https://healthwatchcheshireeast.org.uk/coronavirus/

Stay safe over Christmas

Stuart Naylor, Chair, Sandbach and District u3a

General Knowledge Quiz

We have a new quiz for December from Julie Clarke (number 66) which has been loaded to the website as well as the answers to the November quiz. Our quiz page lists all the quizzes that have been set previously.

January Members’ Morning

Our next members’ morning will be on 3 Jan2022, 10am – 12noon at Sandbach Town Hall

The talk is called “How I ended up in prison!” Dr Karen Castle, a psychologist, will be telling entertaining stories about her life and experiences working for the NHS, The Prison Service and with the armed forces.

Introducing another new Committee member – Linda Williams

I have lived in Sandbach since 1988, firstly on Sandbach Heath but since 2001 in Elworth. When my children were young I helped out at Sandbach Sharks and have many happy memories of standing on hot poolsides cheering on young swimmers.

I took my PGCE in 1989 at what was then Crewe and Alsager College of further Education and got my first position as a teacher in Stoke on Trent. I loved teaching and despite having a history degree from Southampton University I found myself in charge of Design Technology and Science. When my two children went off to University I took my National Professional Qualification for Headship and became Head of an inner city Primary School in Stoke in 2010. This was a very challenging and varied role. I never knew what would happen during the day. I could be standing in for a teacher, dealing with a worried (or angry) parent, delivering food bank parcels or negotiating with an Ofsted Inspector or official of the DFE. It was never boring!

When I took the decision to retire this year I realised that I needed to keep busy. My husband was very anxious that I kept busy too – I am not sure why! Since retiring I have joined the U3A and am a member of the Creative Writing Group. I am planning to attend choir regularly and learn to play the Ukulele. When the email came round about helping out on the committee I decided to volunteer, little realising just how much work goes on behind the scenes. I have been made very welcome on the committee and am looking forward to learning the ropes and hopefully being some use in the future. I have also recently become Secretary of the local branch of the Royal British Legion, a role which I am enjoying very much.

My husband and I have four children between us and we have four wonderful grandchildren. We like to spend as much time as we can with them. We both like travelling and since I retired we have been able to visit several beautiful parts of the UK including most recently Port Isaac and Whitby. We are hoping to visit our son in Spain next year – it’s been a while!

Local News

u3a Air Waves Programmes for December 2021
From Holmes Chapel & District u3a in partnership with Dane Sound Radio.

“Jazz with Peter Shields” – 8:00-9:00pm on  Tuesday 21st December.

“Americana & Country with Roy Rawlinson” – 8:00-9:00pm on  14th December  Repeats at 8:00-9:00pm on Tuesday 28th December.

“Insights” Magazine – 10:00am-12:00 noon on Monday 20th December. Repeats at 4:00-6:00pm on Saturday 25th  December.

Tune in to all of the Air Waves programmes at www.danesound.com and click on “Listen Live”.

And finally …

Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas for “He/She fell in love :

    • He/she fell in love with a magician and was never seen again.
    • He/she fell in love with a musician and lived in harmony ever after.
    • He/she fell in love with a bank manager through no vault of their own.
    • He/she fell in love with a refuse collector And GOT DUMPED!!!!!
    • He/she fell in love with an accountant but their days were numbered..
    • He/she fell in love with a welder, and sparks flew.
    • He/she fell in love with a gym trainer but it didn’t work out
    • He/she fell in love with a poet but went from bad to verse
    • He/she fell in love with a banker but they showed no interest
    • He/she fell in love with a writer, but they just weren’t on the same page.
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