Sandbach U3A EGM – Monday 5th March 2018

Extraordinary General Meeting – Monday 5 March 2018
Sandbach Town Hall – 10.15am (Refreshments from 9:30am)

The committee have called the meeting to vote on the following proposals:

(1) Adoption of revised “object clause” in our constitution

The Third Age Trust has advised us that due to a previous  misunderstanding between themselves and the Charity Commission, it is now necessary to adopt a revised object clause in each U3A constitution.

Basically, the Charity Commission wants U3As to bring the way that their finances are reported into line with their requirements.

This matter has been the subject of lengthy consultations involving the Third Age Trust, Charity Commission, U3A Regional networks and some U3A groups.

There are currently two groups of U3As in terms of constitutions:

(a)    U3As with a two point object clause – i.e. what we have
(b)    U3As with a more recent constitution with a single point object     clause

Those in group (b) have to change their clause because it does not reflect the needs of the Charity Commission, particularly with regard to financial reporting.

Those in group (a) are strongly advised to change to the new clause because they run a real risk of certain activities not falling within the object clause as stated. The complexities of charity law are extensive and this new clause protects us from falling outside of those laws.

The final wording of the revised clause has been agreed between the Charity Commission and the Third Age Trust and is worded in such a way as to encompass all U3A learning and social activities.

The adoption of this revised clause will not alter in any way how Sandbach U3A operates – we will continue to do exactly what we do at present.

The wording of the revised object clause is not as prescriptive as the current clause and therefore we will in fact have more freedom of interpretation to provide what OUR members want.

Your committee has discussed and considered this issue in detail and we consider it important to therefore adopt the new clause.

(2) Increase of Annual membership fees

Membership subscriptions have remained unchanged since 2004.  It is proposed therefore that the membership fee be increased from £8 to £10 per year with effect from 1 September 2018

This will help us sustain:

*    Our increasing growth in membership
*    Our 95 interest groups
*    Increases in venue costs
*    Ensure we can purchase/replace equipment as the need arises
*    Develop the computer management system
*    Maintain sufficient financial reserves

If the membership fee is increased from £8 to £10 per year, it will still be substantially less than the fees charged by other U3As local to Sandbach

(3) Payment of Annual Subscriptions by Group Leaders/Committee

At the committee meeting held on 19 February 2018 we agreed this matter needs further consideration and will therefore be deferred until the AGM in November 2018.

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