Memory Test at Keele University

This is the text of a message from a researcher at Keele University and we have added it to the website because it promises an interesting experience to anyone who wants to try it out.

“I’m a researcher in Psychology at Keele University, and would like to invite the members of Sandbach U3A to take part in a study that may be of interest. The research investigates adults’ awareness of their own memory abilities during simple memory activities, and aims to enable a better understanding of basic cognitive processes and people’s subjective experiences and confidence in their memory.

We’re currently looking for anyone aged 60 and above to take part.

The study takes place on Keele campus in the School of Psychology, generally in a single session that takes about 2 hours. We encourage a break half way through this, and are happy to reimburse the cost of lunch or coffee from the nearby University cafe. Visitors also receive £10 payment for their time, and up to a further £10 for travel expenses. We’re usually very flexible in regard to the day/time people would like to attend. We can also test 2 people in a single session (though this does take quite a bit longer), if visitors would like to bring their partner or a friend.”

Jamie Adams

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