Members’ Morning Talk Development

Val Williams, who arranges speakers for the members’ mornings, used to live in Burton on Trent and came across a grave in one of the cemeteries there, which contained the remains of a German prisoner of war. The stone was marked only with a German cross and his surname and initials – P P Titz. As a a result of Val’s interest in this very brief marking of a departed life, another of our members – Jean Hood – investigated the circumstances of the life and death of this one casualty of a worldwide conflict affecting millions of lives. Jean talked about her research and showed the results of her investigation at the member’s morning in November 2016. Jean has written a number of books about military history and has now published a short book about P P Titz.

The Burton on Trent local paper, the Burton Mail, published an article about the research prompted by the interest of Val and Jean, which is pictured below. Click on the picture to make the text readable.



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