Interactive History Forum – Update, August, 2014

It’s nearing September when new enrolments and groups will be starting next year’s programme.

The first three topics for the Interactive History Forum will be:-

  1.       King John – royal usurper or a victim of bad PR – 15 Sep 2014
  2.      The Cromwellian Commonwealth – did it enrich or damage Britain – 6 Oct 2014
  3.      The Vikings – were they more than just pillagers – 20 Oct 2014

…and these will be presented by myself.   Other lined up subjects include the following but are not exclusive as I am hoping some interested individuals will step forward as topic leaders and either use one of these suggestions or bring their own subject up.   The intention is that this will encourage a range of topic leaders so that we get a more varied input to the group discussion.   Topic leaders can do a ‘one-off’ or opt for additional sessions but in the absence of either I will put the programme together.

  • Was WW1 Inevitable ?
  • Did the Romans Give-Up on Britain ?
  • Who Really Won WW11 ?  A Brief Look at Britain’s Post-War Recovery
  • The Plantagenates and Tudors – Consummate Politicians or Just Self Obsessed Dynasty’s ?
  • Empire – Why did we Build it and Why did we Lose it ?
  • Renaissance – Was Europe Inevitably the Mainspring of New Expression & Thinking ?
  • Dark Age Newcomers – Saxon Domination or the Founders of the English ?

I’ve also put together a small list of what I call ‘What if’ topics.   These are discussions and opinions around historical events that were highly significant in Britain’s history that might have resulted in a different outcome had history not followed the course it did.   These are far more open-ended and subjective areas but I think they will create a good and interesting arena for views, opinions and theories and make debates lively and thought provoking.  The ‘What if’ list I have so far includes:-

  •   The Dunkirk Evacuation had been unsuccessful
  •    The Industrial Revolution had occurred in Europe rather than Britain
  •    Britain had won the American War of Independence
  •    Harold Godwinson had won at Hastings
  •    The Black Death had avoided Britain
  •    The French Revolution had spilled over into Britain

Again, the list is not exclusive and any other ideas for topics would be welcome.

Keep an eye on the U3A postings page for more updates.

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