General Knowledge Quiz – Answers for May 2024


1.What Is the name of the music entrepreneur who discovered & managed The Beatles?BRIAN EPSTEIN
2. Muscat is the Capital City of which sultanate on the Arabian Sea?  OMAN
3. What name is given to crayons made of ground pigment used for drawing & colouring?PASTELS
4. Which comic strip character was created by Mary Tourtel in 1920, & lives with his friends in the village of Nutwood?RUPERT BEAR
5. What is the name of the chief port of Nigeria which is also the most populous city in that country?LAGOS
6. What name is given to the study of birds?  ORNITHOLOGY
7. Which US Soul Singers biggest UK hit was ‘(Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay’?OTIS REDDING
8. In the human body what name is given to the inflammation of the membrane lining of the nasal cavities?SINUSITIS
9. What name is given to the joining of two ropes by intertwining the strands?SPLICING
10. What is the name of a style of Country Music that originated in the US State of Kentucky?BLUE GRASS
11. What is the surname of the children’s character ‘Postman Pat’?  CLIFTON
12 What was the name of the B29 Bomber used by the US to drop an atom bomb on Hiroshima in 1945?ENOLA GAY
13. Which Scottish Heroine smuggled Bonnie Prince Charlie, in a small boat, to the Isle of Skye?FLORA MACDONALD
14. What was the name of the companion & faithful squire of Don Quixote in the novel by Cervantes?SANCHO PANZA
15. Which two letters in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet are represented by ballroom dances?FOXTROT & TANGO
16. Which Author created the character ‘Bridget Jones’?  HELEN FIELDING
17. Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame Cathedral & Cologne Cathedral are all built in which architectural style?GOTHIC
18. Which English singer was born Terence Edward Parsons in 1930 & was known as ‘The Man with the Golden Voice’?MATT MONRO
19. Sungold, Moneymaker & Piccolo are all varieties of which salad ingredient?TOMATOES
20. What is the name of the fictional superhero created in 1962, whose real name is Peter Parker?SPIDERMAN
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