Carsington Water 15 Jan 2014

Our first trip of the New Year took us across Staffordshire to the Derbyshire reservoir of Carsington Water. Fifteen hardy souls gathered in Sandbach before we set off, and much to everyone’s surprise 15 turned up in Carsington’s vast car park. We parked fairly close to the entrance to the main visitor centre, and sought out the pay parking machines while dodging kamikaze House Sparrows heading for nearby feeders. Willow Tit was quickly spotted on the same feeders along with cousins Great and Blue Tits.

We set off on the short walk to the Wildlife Centre, noting Tufted Duck and Teal on the way. We quickly took over the double-banked benches in the Centre, giving all of us good views across the Water. The feeders close to the Centre were also very active with star attractions Tree Sparrows and Reed Buntings. Both Great Crested and Little Grebe were telescoped across the Water, as were Gadwall and Wigeon. A Redshank and a Pied Wagtail were found on two of the small islands that dotted this side of the reservoir. On the return to the car park a male Bullfinch and a Wren were observed in the bushes.

We moved on to the Sheepwash end of the reservoir, visiting a couple of hides overlooking the nature reserve end. Common Gull was identified among others and a small Cormorant roost discovered. Studying the duck sheltering under the far bank revealed several recently arrived Goldeneye. More feeders were attracting Coal Tits, and as we left the last hide to return to the cars, a fortunate few had fairly close views of a Marsh Tit, very smart in a glossy cap (no bull-necked appearance), small tidy bib and white feathering underneath. Its identity was confirmed by our birdsong expert bringing the day’s total to 41 species.

Carsington Water Species List 15 Jan 2014

Mute Swan Carsington Water
Wigeon Carsington Water
Gadwall Carsington Water
Teal Carsington Water
Mallard Carsington Water
Tufted Duck Carsington Water
Common Goldeneye Sheepwash
Pheasant Sheepwash
Little Grebe ruficollis Carsington Water
Great Crested Grebe Carsington Water
Cormorant Carsington Water
Moorhen Carsington Water
Common Coot Carsington Water
Lapwing Carsington Water
Redshank Carsington Water
Black-headed Gull Carsington Water
Common Gull Sheepwash
Lesser Black-backed Gull Sheepwash
Herring Gull Sheepwash
Wood-Pigeon Sheepwash
Eurasian Collared Dove Carsington Water
White Wagtail yarrellii Carsington Water
Wren Carsington Water
Dunnock Carsington Water
Blackbird Carsington Water
Blue Tit Carsington Water
Great Tit Carsington Water
Coal Tit Sheepwash
Marsh Tit Sheepwash
Willow Tit Carsington Water
Black-billed Magpie Carsington Water
Jackdaw Carsington Water
Carrion Crow Carsington Water
Starling Carsington Water
House Sparrow Carsington Water
Eurasian Tree Sparrow Carsington Water
Chaffinch Carsington Water
Greenfinch Sheepwash
Goldfinch Carsington Water
Bullfinch Carsington Water
Reed Bunting Wildlife Centre


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