Book group (Third Thursday) – November meeting

Julius Winsome by Gerard Donovan

I think there are many exquisite turns of phrase in the novel. If you agree, please make a note of any you find particularly original or moving.

Does your feeling of empathy towards Julius change as the novel proceeds? Is there a tipping point for the change? If so, what is it?

What do we learn about the upbringing of Julius? Do you think this affects his ability to relate to Claire?

Was there a tipping point also in the relationship between Julius and Claire? If so what and when was it? Do you think that Julius and Claire viewed that specific incident in the same way?

Would Claire’s life have been more satisfying if she had made a different choice of partner?

Could you imaging a book with the same plot being located anywhere different?

Do you feel inspired to read another book by the same author?

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