Answers to March 24 Quiz


1.What was the name of the fictional schoolboy created by US Author Mark Twain?TOM SAWYER
2. What two-word name is given to the governing body of The Church of England?GENERAL SYNOD
3. What is the name of the French General & Statesman who served as President of France from 1959 -1969?CHARLES DE GAULLE
4. Who was the goalkeeper of the England Team that won the 1966 Football World Cup?GORDON BANKS
5. What collective name is given to the central counties of England?  THE MIDLANDS
6. Which Actor was the first to play Dr Who on Television?  WILLIAM HARTNELL
7. Which 19th Century Author wrote ‘The Moonstone’ & ‘The Woman in White’?WILKIE COLLINS
8. What French term is given to the characteristic aroma or fragrance of wine?BOUQUET
9. What is the main unit of currency in Thailand?  BAHT
10. Which politician was replaced by Sir Kier Starmer as leader of the Labour Party?JEREMY CORBYN
11. What ingredient is added to Béchamel sauce to make it into a Mornay sauce?CHEESE
12.Which Actress played the role of Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street for many years?JEAN ALEXANDER
13. What is the longest river in Italy?  PO
14. What name is given to a sentence which contains all the letters of the alphabet?PANGRAM
15. Which spice, obtained from the crocus, is the most expensive spice in the world?SAFFRON
16. What is the name of a country or part of a country which lies wholly within the boundaries of another?ENCLAVE
17. Which wife of Henry VIII was the Mother of Mary I?  CATHERINE OF ARAGON
18. On a computer keyboard, which is the only vowel not found on the top row?A
19. What was the name of the character played by Honor Blackman in the TV series ‘The Avengers’?KATHY GALE
14. The sisters Regan, Goneril & Cordelia appear in which play by William Shakespeare?KING LEAR
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