Sharon Ginnis

Venues Coordinator

Writing this introductory paragraph reminds me of the resumes that performers write for some show programmes. I rather like that idea as I’ve always loved dance, drama and theatre and in fact all the arts really because I am generally enthralled by creativity. If I’d been more confident as a young person I might have pursued a career in the arts but I opted for teaching and I loved it and felt privileged to do it. I trained and then worked in Birmingham; for the first twelve years of my working life I was a primary and secondary school teacher and then an advisory teacher for drama. In my ‘free time’ I was part of a team of volunteers who ran a youth theatre. For nine years I taught drama classes every week and directed two or three shows a year. Then, with a sense of adventure and a new project to tempt me, I moved on from the local education authority service and joined a Further Education College to develop a Professional Development Centre. I became very involved in promoting inclusion across the FE sector and chose to become a freelance trainer, running a small training and development business which I did for over 20 years. Working in partnership with my late husband we trained teachers in schools all over the UK and in many exciting places abroad.
I moved to Sandbach from Alsager in 2017 and as retirement approached I was excited by the prospect of having more time for seeing family and my seven step grandchildren. This was very annoyingly curtailed in 2020 by Covid of course. However, just over a year before Covid the Circus Group was started and circus is definitely one of my favourite arts activities. It has taken me some considerable time to learn to juggle. I will confess to just how long if you ask me but I prefer to be spared the experience! I found other circus skills easier to learn thank goodness and I was reminded that we are all unique learners. The main thing is the group is such fun. My other great joy is being in the u3a Contemporary Dance group. I love it so much that I joined Congleton u3a just so that I could join the dance group there too. The u3a is an incredible organisation and when I read there was a need for more committee members it seemed like the right time to step up. I have to say that I hadn’t anticipated having a role in IT because I wouldn’t generally describe myself as knowledgeable about IT systems but I’ll learn what I can and support those who are skilled. I hope I’m a bit faster at learning about IT than I was about learning to juggle!
I’m looking forward to my time on the Sandbach u3a committee and to learning even more about exactly what is involved in keeping this wonderful organisation running.

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