Third Age Trust

The Third Age Trust is the national organisation for Universities of the Third Age in the UK and it provides an extensive range of support to individual U3A groups. One of the ways the Third Age Trust supports local U3As is to provide various insurance policies that are detailed in this document updated in January 2015. When we receive mailing information from them that may be of interest to members, it will appear as a post on this site and members can see them by searching for posts having the category “Third Age Trust”.

The North West region of the U3A provides additional services such as conferences, summer schools and a regular newsletter.

With effect from 14 August the Third Age Trust will be moving to Central London at the following address:

The Third Age Trust, 52 Lant Street, London, SE1 1RB

The telephone number remains unchanged at 020 8466 6139 but the office is closed from 10 August to 17 August and will not be taking phone calls.