Highgrove House 23rd June 2019

Thank you to Alice and Jan for organising this fantastic trip yesterday, everything went so smoothly, we set off at 8.20 from Sandbach, had a quick comfort stop after about 2 hours then on to Highgrove which is near to Tetbury, Glos arriving around 11.45a.m.  We were greeted by a very nice lady who came on to the coach to check our ID’s for security reasons (no one was deported!),she then informed us where to assemble for our tours – we were in 2 groups, one at 12.55 the other at 1.20 p.m.  She said we could look around the Pavilion, next to the Orchard restaurant, where there were several items of personal photos of the Royal family and paintings by Prince Charles and other objects of interest relative to Highgrove.  We were also allowed to take photos in this area, but not anywhere else.

When it was time for our group to assemble for our tour we were taken to see a short film in which Prince Charles spoke of how he came to Highgrove and transformed the garden to what it is today saying ‘A garden is a reflection of a person’s soul’.

Our guide Lisa then took us on our 2 hour tour of the gardens – you may think 2 hours?, but the time flew by, as it was the most interesting and relaxing garden, not grand as you would think, but a more natural feel to it.  There were magnificent Delphiniums, colourful roses, to simple sweet peas and various other plants too numerous to remember. There was a huge vegetable garden full of every vegetable you could think of, which supplies Highgrove and Clarence House kitchens.  We saw a tree house where William and Harry played as children, also a memorial to his Grandmother, the Queen Mother.  Lisa our guide explained each area of the garden and how Prince Charles’ ideas of organic and natural gardening were put into practice, especially a wild meadow with ox-eye daisies, clover, and trefoil which has been left to grow to attract butterflies and insects.

We all said how much we had enjoyed the whole experience, truly a day to remember.