Expenses Claim Form

This form is intended for leaders to claim reasonable expenses.

EXPENSES Form Downloads:



The left button is available if you prefer to enter the details using Microsoft  Word and submitting the form attached to an email, otherwise use the Adobe .pdf version by clicking the button on the right.

Guidance Notes:

  1. Group leaders may claim for reasonable costs incurred in preparing, presenting or organising their activities.
  2. All items for attendees used for activities (eg flowers for flower arranging, material for craft work, disks for computer work etc) are expected to be paid for by the attendees.
  3. Mileage rate for travel is 25p per mile with a maximum of 180 miles
  4. Original receipts (including those for car parks) need to be attached for all claims.
  5. For claims relating to any trip, activity or purchase, where the total claimed is likely to exceed £50, the committee’s approval must be obtained before any expense is incurred.

If you need further assistance please contact the secretary:

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