Existing Members – Membership Renewal Process 2018

This year we are introducing online renewal with online payment of the annual membership fee.

If we have your email address you will receive an email on or around 3rd May 2018, containing instructions that will enable you to renew using our new secure online payment facility. The process is very quick and will save you having to go to the Library or post a letter.

This method will preserve your current membership details on our system, and you will keep your current membership number. Please do not use the join form on the website as this will result in you having two separate accounts on our system.

Please let the Membership Secretary (membership@sandbachu3a.org.uk) know if you do not receive the email by 4th May and you wish to renew online, and he will be able to assist. Please include your email address when you contact him, just in case the one we have is incorrect.

After renewing your membership, you will receive a further email with details of how you can login to your account.

In future years, when you have access to your account, you will be able to renew by visiting the members area on the website and clicking the renew membership link, but this year you will need to receive our email to get you started.