Risk Assessment Forms

These forms are to assist group leaders (or other Sandbach U3A members) to conduct risk assessments regarding their group meetings and other Sandbach U3A activities as appropriate. RISK ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST FORMS: (1) VENUE: (2) VENUE (DAY OF USE):   (3)Walk LeaderS:   (4)Workshop Activity:     Click on the appropriate button above to download the …

Third Age Trust Insurance Information

This document provides details of the of the insurance and level of cover provided for our members through The Third Age Trust . Please note that this is not necessarily the latest version and members should refer to the Third Age Trust website for subsequent releases. Insurance Information(Dated Jan 2015):  

New or Additional Group Form

This form is for members to record the details or proposed details of a new group. The completed for should be submitted to the Groups Coordinator. New Or Additional Group Form:    

Expenses Claim Form

This form is intended for leaders to claim reasonable expenses. EXPENSES Form Download:   Click on the button above to download the form. Group Leaders may claim for costs incurred in preparing, presenting or organising their activities. (All items for attendees used for activities – e.g. flowers for flower arranging, materials for craft work, disks …

Group Enrolment List Form

This form is for the use of group leaders to record the names of members who have applied to join their group, and to indicate which members have been added to their waiting list. Group Enrolment List Form: